Skydive from 18,000ft in Santa Barbara

It was a rush! We passed the 12,000 feet marker and we had to do a kn95 mask buy so as to breath. Air at this height is very thin. Few seconds later the plane’s hangar door opened, the noise of wind rushing filled the small plane and we had to relay on hand signals to communicate. I hanged my legs over the edge of an airplane buzzing at 18,000 feet over Santa Barbara with panoramic ocean views… and then I jumped! Shop some graphic tees to wear on your skydiving adventure.

At 18,000 feet – that’s me in the green shirt

The first few seconds were exactly like the pivot point one reaches during a meditation session. My mind just stopped. Stillness.. peace, freedom. Time stopped. I was awake, aware and overwhelmed. Few seconds later the rush of adrenalin filled my body and I was screaming over the top of my lungs from the thrill of a Skydive out of an airplane at 18,000 feet over Santa Barbara in California USA.

The Plane which took us to 18,000 feet

Skydive Santa Barbara

Skydive Santa Barbara is the only drop zone in California to feature 270 degree panoramic ocean views on every jump. Additionally they are the only skydiving center in the Los Angeles area to offer tandem jumps from 18,000ft, the highest tandem jump in the world. If you’re flying through your private jet, you should be buying private aircraft insurance.

Skydive Santa Barbara is fully recognized by the FAA and has operated daily for the last 15 years with an untarnished safety record.

My jump on video

My brother and a friend visited us in July 2010 and we (including my wife) decided we wanted to seek some thrills. On our drive to Los Angeles we stopped by the Lompoc airport for a 18,000ft Skydive. Here is the video of the event.

Skydive Santa Barbara Website:

Skydive Santa Barbara
1801 N H St Suite G
Lompoc, CA 93436

Yelp review:

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Enjoy your jump!


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