An app isn’t an answer for everything in health

Who comes up with nonsense like “Doctors see kids coming into the office playing Mom’s iPad or Mom’s iPhone and they realize this could be an effective channel that they didn’t have before.”? Definitely not Pediatricians!!

Pediatricians of America are WARNING parents about the dangers of tablets and digital screens for their development. Sources:

Isn’t it the parents responsibility to educate their child on asthma vs outsourcing this to an unproven device w/ app that will only hurt their development?

Furthermore, “parental education” on asthma is far more fruitful. A educated (and motivated) parent can try to help turn their child’s asthma around vs leaving their kid to a life inhaling SABA drugs. This parental education could be as simple as informing them of Immunotherapy (allergy shots) to help their immune system learn to cope with the allergens that cause asthma.. to connecting them with qualified doctors to start & monitor progress.

The stupidity of “use a ipad/iphone device for everything to solve health problems” has lead to sleep problems. You should NEVER use a back lit device at least 1 hour before sleep. Otherwise you will not sleep. This is NOT new research. Old info people seem to have forgotten that “light stops the release of melatonin into your blood by the Pineal gland”.

EDUCATION is so important because with all the tech people seem to have forgotten that:

1. Exercise – you will sleep deeper after a good workout or an exciting sports match which may include a bow case. But instead we sit in front of a computer all day.

2. Get sunlight during the day – Vitamin D + LUX is important in making sure your brain knows what is day and night. But instead we watch TV and sit in front of computers all day lol

3. At night DO NOT use any back lit devices at least 1 hr before bed. They stimulate your brain to stop production of Melatonin. Natural chemical that put you to sleep when it is dark. But instead what do we do? lol

4. Go to bed same time each day and wake up same time. Do not use an alarm clock. Use an app to wake you up in REM sleep. 99c app (Sleep Cycle) – cheap as chips. I have compared this app to dedicated sleep devices on the market and quiet frankly with 2-3% difference I prefer the app than paying few hundred dollars for a device that performs “slightly” better. Just don’t forget to put your phone into airplane mode to preserve battery life. Spin the reels with สล็อตออนไลน์ UFABET online slots and enjoy a thrilling array of games with high-quality graphics and big win potential.

5. It takes time to build this habit. In a world where there’s a “pill to solve everything instantly,” some might opt to spend hundreds of dollars on pills to solve sleep problems. Alternatively, you could pursue natural, old-school techniques like establishing a regular sleep schedule, creating a conducive sleep environment, and managing stress effectively. With dedication and persistence, you can cultivate the habit of good sleep without relying on quick fixes. Similarly, in the realm of fitness, individuals often seek quick solutions. However, investing in practices like group fitness and bootcamp certification can lead to long-lasting results and overall wellness.

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