Silicon Valley and this Blog

Back in 2010 I started this blog as a way to keep notes of my new journey in Silicon Valley. Instead of burying those notes in a notepad where only I would have access to, I decided to make them public. And so here we are few years later. A blog full of stuff that may help you when you get to Silicon Valley. I also share thoughts & interesting articles on Twitter, follow me or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Who is Ernest Semerda

I am an Aussie currently based in Silicon Valley, Mountain View to be precise. Originally from Wollstonecraft in Sydney, I arrived in Silicon Valley back in March 2009. I think my thirst for high tech lead me here and here’s how it all started (the story).

Ernest W. Semerda doing a baby freeze in Silicon Valley, SF While studying undergrad B.CompSci in Sydney, I started my 1st company (Purpleblue Pty Ltd) building websites for small businesses when Netscape 1 was the browser of choice. Later to help with sales & to better understand the customer, I built & sold to corporates a web analytics product (way back before google analytics existed).After graduating, I did an enterprise stint at AMP Ltd in Australia & NZ getting corporate experience and an MBA to better understand business dynamics. Later shifting gears back into the startup space as CTO of Couponstar growing & opening offices in London & Sydney with a mission to help people save money. The success of this landed me in Silicon Valley (March 2009) when acquired Couponstar. In 2012 with a burning desire for disruption I shifted gears and partnered with David E for a new chapter in my life; a new mission, to help save lives at Medlert.

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