General observations: Australia to USA

– Our drinking age is 18 throughout the country.
– We drive on the left hand side of the road.
– Seatbelts are compulsory for everyone in a car.
– Handguns are illegal without a permit and it’s very difficult to get one.
– Our cars are generally smaller than most cars in the US though larger ones are available
– Australia is completely metricated – we use Celcius instead of Farenheit for temperature, litres instead of gallons, kilograms instead of pounds, metres instead of yards etc.
– Our seasons are the opposite to yours, Summer is Dec-Feb, Autumn is Mar – May, Winter Jun – Aug, Spring Sep – Nov so it’s hot at Christmas time and many people spend Christmas Day on the beach.
– Most of our population lives within 100km (miles?) of the coast and the population density in the inland is very low.
– We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.
– We have X public holidays per year.
– Workers in Australia receive 4 weeks paid holiday (vacation) every year. It’s not uncommon to see Australians vacationing at a Maldives ocean villa.
– We have universal healthcare for citizens and PRs which is paid for out of our taxes.
– The cost of living in Australia is generally a bit higher than in the US. Cars x2, Gas/Petrol, Food, Accomodation.
– There is no need to tip in Australia. If you experience excellent service, a tip is appreciated but will never be demanded.
– Australia has a much smaller population than the USA.
Our population is just over 20 million where as the population of the USA is over 300 million.
– Voting age is 18, voting is compulsory in all elections.
– Our currency is multi colours (examples),
– We also spell some words differently to the US such as:
defence, jewellery, favourite, realise, colour, litre, metre and numerous other words.
– Best beaches in the world.
– Have you seen the traffic in Sydney ? It is like a 3rd world country when it comes to infrastructure. Roads have pot holes like in Moombasa. The tolls are the only way to screw the population who pay it and sit on the highway in traffic. None of the traffic lights are synchronized even on major roads. How long does it take on Queens Blvd to get to Manhattan from Flushing in NYC.

– 21
– Right hand side
– More variety in things to do. SV is x-hrs from Yosemite, Tahoe, Wine country, mountains for hiking, beach for surfing. (pics from my holidays).
– Wide open roads

1) Excellent environment for business – great place for business owners
2) Affordable housing, grocery, cars, general expenses
3) Affordable cost for contractors (eg. plumbing like sewer service, ac services such as ac installation services, etc.)
4) Big corporations have very good health & dental cares and pension plans
5) Low travel cost. You can find hotels in Laguna Beach within your budget.

1) Some salaries are higher but tax is also much higher – if you are on min. wages, better stay in Australia, but if you are middle manager / director type, US salary is actually higher and lower tax
2) Universal healthcare – service is getting less each year, and waiting time is longer and longer but it is still available
3) Slow pace – Australia in generally is quite slow paced – but this does not mean less stressful – but the overall lifestyle is slower.
4) Monopoly business – if you can come up with a good idea, you can have a monopoly business in Australia easier and enjoy ripping off customers at your will…such can not be achieved in USA due to competition.